Connecticut Paid Family & Medical Leave
Our team is here to support you as a one-stop-source for receiving the most up to date information regarding the Connecticut Paid Family & Medical Leave (PFML) regulations. We're dedicated to helping you as an employer feel as prepared as possible for meeting these new compliance requirements.

First quarter contributions are due March 31st - with an extended 30-day grace period of April 30th. Payment processing is live. Sign in on the CT Paid Leave website to get started:


NEW! Rich Lombard and Jeff Wasco from Guardian join the podcast to help tackle the questions we've been hearing from employers across the state: how does CT PFML interact with other benefits, who tracks paid leave and what is the process for a private plan option.

Access the Webinar Playback from our latest webinar on CT PMFL & leave of absence, where we tackled the question on many organization's minds: How to best handle leave management amidst the ever-changing leave laws?

Access the Webinar Playback from our latest webinar on CT PMFL with Andrea Barton Reeves, Rich Lombard & our internal task force.

Please find the presentation slide deck from 9/24/20  with Andrea Barton Reeves, Rich Lombard & our internal task force.

Access the Connecticut Paid Leave Authority Main Website for Employers & Employees

Get an in-depth overview on the new legislation.

This document provides an overview of how the new CT PFML compares against other states programs.

Promote the contribution estimator tool with your employees so they can better understand how much of their pre-tax pay will be deducted every pay period to support Paid Leave.

This document provides an step-by-step process of how to register your business for CT Paid Family Leave.

Here are a few questions you should be considering regarding Connecticut PFML, along with some thoughts on how you might address those questions.

This document highlights important details of the
CT PFML program. 

Check out our Employer Q&A for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

This document contains a sample employee communication memo announcing payroll deductions for CT PFML! Feel free to copy, paste and customize to fit the needs of your organization.
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